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Still Alive

I am still alive, just don't like all the changes Livejournal has done lately, and I'm pretty much abandoning ship. Still here for the communities, fic and friends' list, but mostly lurking.

I've been writing a lot of Derek/Stiles lately, but I did one Adam/Tommy fic too. That can be found here:

AO3: Who Am I To Tell You No?, rated R

Here be the Sterek fics (click the picture if it has one):

AO3: Fluffy Bunnies Are Evil, rated PG-13

Rated PG-13

Rated NC-17

Rated NC-17

Christmas will be spend with families, and hopefully we'll be driving safely. It's been maybe over ten years since I've last driven on Christmas eve. At least I've been practicing winter driving again. :P