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This is my little playground for stories, for fangirling, for meta talk about fandoms and writing. ^_^ Feel free to participate in the craziness.

You can find my Adam/Tommy stories from AO3 too. I'm slowly transferring them all to AO3: Moodwriter. <3

Oh, and you may friend me if you want. I'm a very friendly person and love to get to know new people.

This is me saying hello to everyone who happens to find their way here. Welcome. We have lots to talk about.

This is also a master post of my stories.

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Adam/Tommy, GlamilyCollapse )



So, Adam likes to break the fourth wall every once in a while. Or people like to poke at him with fourth wall issues until he reacts somehow.

This is my personal view on shipping. Shipping is not the same as tinhatting, and tinhatting doesn't necessarily mean you can't separate reality from fiction.

Shipping = pairing anyone and everyone you happen to like
Tinhatting = speculating real life connections to shipping
Crazy tinhatting = believing that your speculations are truer than the truth

I write fan fiction about real people so a disclaimer is needed. I'm nothing but a shipper. I happen to like the dynamics of certain ships. Adam/Tommy is still my OTP (one true pairing = favorite), but I like other dynamics as well. I usually like the fact that people don't easily end up together. There are huge obstacles in front of them. I rarely write canon pairings because canon is already being written, and there is nothing interesting there for me. Canon has always been what I read outside of fandom. I go to a fandom if there is something non-canonish that captures my interest.

Adam and Tommy did that with their fan service. But that wouldn't have worked if there hadn't been the height difference, and the personality differences, and the straight/gay/bi issue. Or if Tommy hadn't smiled at Adam.

The disclaimer is: I do not believe in Adam and Tommy. I really don't care who they are with (although I happen to like that Finn boy from way back when he wasn't even with Adam). That's their personal life. What I write is fiction. It has nothing to do with their lives. I like the idea of them together because it tickles my mind. And the fact is that the characters they play in the public eye aren't them, and my characters I play with are only shadows of the characters they play. We don't know them. I don't know them.

Fan fiction is supposed to be fun. It's exploration. It's things we can't see or do. It's fantasy. It's sex. It's ideas. It's moments that never happened.

To me their private lives are theirs. Even more so now that I've written about them for such a long time. In the beginning, their private lives had more meaning to me, but now... the only thing I care about is their happiness. They make their own decisions. They spend their lives with whomever they choose. I really couldn't care less who those people are as long as they make them smile - and no, life is not always puppies and rainbows so bad things happen to good people too, and not everything is always perfect, but most of the time, smiling is a good sign. <3


Still Alive

I am still alive, just don't like all the changes Livejournal has done lately, and I'm pretty much abandoning ship. Still here for the communities, fic and friends' list, but mostly lurking.

I've been writing a lot of Derek/Stiles lately, but I did one Adam/Tommy fic too. That can be found here:

AO3: Who Am I To Tell You No?, rated R

Here be the Sterek fics (click the picture if it has one):

AO3: Fluffy Bunnies Are Evil, rated PG-13

Rated PG-13

Rated NC-17

Rated NC-17

Christmas will be spend with families, and hopefully we'll be driving safely. It's been maybe over ten years since I've last driven on Christmas eve. At least I've been practicing winter driving again. :P

My Favorite Song As a Child

This song was everything to me when I was a kid. It's a song I sang with my then-best-friend. We created worlds around this song, and we played the characters... It's strongly connected to The Lord of the Rings because we read that when we were twelve, and it's the one book that made my childhood, along with this song. It must sound weird to foreigners, and the singer is definitely not a singer of children's songs. He writes all the songs, and they are often socially aware.

Here's the link to youtube: Kadonneitten Lasten Marssi - The March of the Lost Children

The lyrics in English:

They march again so seriously
like they've already closed their eyes,
like by accident, they've walked through the land of hearts
They hold each other's hands and sleep close together
and in the morning, they look ahead with their serious faces

They were only ten years old
when they started their march
and the only map they have is history
and the only light the stars above
They hurt their small feet and burn their hands,
the wind cutting their faces but they continue to march

And to a king leads their march,
the king residing in his castle
And the only request they have to the king
is summer and sweet smells of the ground
They hold each other's hands and stand close together

When the king reveals his face it's inside out

And the king stares inwards,
unable to see or hear the children
And the children have to start marching again
when the dark ice cracks

And behind them, the mute crazy head screams

They march again so seriously
like they've already closed their eyes,
like by accident, they've walked through the land of hearts
They hold each other's hands and sleep close together
and in the morning, they look ahead with their serious faces

So serious...
So grave...


Fic: Derek/Stiles

I've written two Teen Wolf fics. I'm not posting them on LJ, though. Here are the links to AO3:

Lesson Learned, rated NC-17
Summary: Stiles is reckless. Derek teaches him a lesson.

Your Tongue Close To My Mouth, rated PG-13
Summary: Stiles gets an unexpected visitor who doesn't know what personal space means.


Sterek Icons

I made some Teen Wolf icons. Nothing much yet.

Rest is hereCollapse )


Title: Sick of Being Tired
Author: moodwriter
Beta: aislinntlc
Genre: angst, romance, hurt/comfort
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Word Count: 4988 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, sexual scenes, car accident, cutting
Summary: Tommy Joe wakes up to pain after he wrapped his car around a tree.
Disclaimer: None of this is happening in real life, and aren't we happy about that. <3

Sick of Being TiredCollapse )



I made more of these. :)


More under cutCollapse )


Title: What Happened Between Then And Now?
Author: moodwriter
Beta: aislinntlc
Artist: michira_70
Genre: angst, romance, threesome
Pairing: Tommy/Sauli/Adam
Word Count: 8150 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, sexual scenes
Summary: Three can be an even number if all the parts complete each other.
Pre-readers: leela_cat, @Lioness0807, @SlipOutOfSight, @casey207
Disclaimer: They are quickly becoming my OT3. It has no other meaning but me loving the dynamics of relationships like this. No such thing is happening in real life. My imagination is a different matter. And I mean no harm to any of them.

Fic: AO3
Fic: Livejournal
Art: Michira_70's Livejournal

Icons, Yet Again

I made some more icons. The thing is, I probably should wait longer so I'll have more of them for one post, but this is like writing... I have to get them out of my hands. :P


More hereCollapse )